The Lions in Italy

Lions are present in Italy since 1951, when it was formed the first Club in Milan, which was followed, in 1952, by the Club of Naples and Turin.
Currently in Italy there are 48,000 members, grouped in 1,300 Club, organized in 17 Districts which constitute the Multiple District 108 ITALY.

The Multiple District 108 ITALY is based in Rome, and is governed by the Council of Governors, consisting of:

  • Council Chairperson
  • Governors of the 17 Districts

They may take part, without voting rights:

  • Past International Presidents
  • International Directors

Every year there is the Multiple District Convention, with the participation of delegates from all the Italian Club, acting on the multiple district budget and to the activities involving all the Italian Club.

The Multiple District 108 ITALY publishes monthly magazine “LION“.

For further information please refer to the website of Multiple District 108 ITALY: