Disaster Relief

 Natural Disaster Relief Volunteers

When a natural disaster strikes, Lions are among the first to offer volunteer disaster relief. When an earthquake devastated Haiti. When Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. And when an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused massive damage in Japan, Lions were there to provide immediate and long-term disaster relief.

Many local Lions volunteer to provide disaster relief in communities impacted by natural disasters, and our Foundation has awarded more than US$50 million in grants to fund this humanitarian work. Generous donations from Lions around the world make these international disaster relief efforts possible.

Le generose donazioni di Lion di tutto il mondo rendono possibili le attività di soccorso a livello internazionale in caso di disastri.

Our Disaster Preparedness and Relief Programs also enable Lions to help local communities – and contribute to Lions relief efforts in other countries – in the event of a natural, man-made or healthcare emergency.

These programs include:

Lions ALERT Program

The Lions ALERT program strives to provide specific direction to the 46,000 Lions clubs and help them to be more efficient in providing short and long term support to disaster victims.

The objective of the Lions ALERT Program is to develop a plan of action in case of a Level One (affecting a few people), Level Two (affecting a community) or Level Three emergency (affecting hundreds or thousands of people in a region).

The emergency may be a natural disaster, a man-made disaster or a public healthcare crisis such as a large-scale (pandemic) influenza (flu) outbreak.